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M&A market Bulletin  


SPECIAL ISSUE #262-IT dated March 30, 2020  

The Bulletin contains up-to-date information on transactions involving the transfer of controlling shares/interests with Russian participation, the intentions of market participants to buy or sell assets, as well as information about assets offered for sale.

Language - Russian

M&a market in IT in 2019

The number of described transactions for 2019 in IT - 38

Number of pages - 47

Download file - PDF

Sources of information:

FTS data

Open sources (sites, portals)

Reporting of issuers

Company websites

Media archives

Regional and Federal media

Information for foreign media

Exchange information

BULLETIN " mergers and acquisitions Market»

Founder: CJSC " Analysis, Consulting and Marketing»

Release frequency — once a month

Editorial office address: 3 Gubkin str., Moscow, 119333

The Bulletin is registered with the state press Committee of the Russian Federation. Certificate of registration of mass media: number 017000 of" 30 "December 1997 (other mass media-text created using a computer) number 015570 of" 27 " December 1996 (in printed form)

5,500 руб.

Bulletin: M&A market
Release number: SPECIAL ISSUE 262-IT
Date of issue: March 30, 2020
Number of transactions described: 159 (IT in 2019)
Analyzed period: 2019
Number of pages: 47
File type: PDF
language Russian