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M&A market Bulletin  

ISSUE #293-294 dated July-August 2022

The Bulletin contains up-to-date information on transactions involving the transfer of controlling shares/interests with Russian participation, the intentions of market participants to buy or sell assets, as well as information about assets offered for sale.

Language - Russian

The amount of transactions in July 2022 The number of transactions in July 2022 is 44 The amount of transactions in August 2022 The number of transactions in August 2022 is 33 The amount of transactions in July-August 2022 Number of transactions — 77 Number of pages - 108 Download file - PDF Content: 1. RUSSIAN M&A MARKET IN JULY-AUGUST 2022 2. RUSSIAN M&A MARKET BY INDUSTRY MINING (except fuel) METALLURGY connection agricultural industry CONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT trading transport TEK services ELECTRIC POWER INDUSTRY IT (information technology) 3. TRANSACTIONS WITH INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPATION 4. SUMMARY TABLE OF M&A TRANSACTIONS FOR JULY-AUGUST 2022

Sources of information:

FTS data

Open sources (sites, portals)

Reporting of issuers

Company websites

Media archives

Regional and Federal media

Information for foreign media

Exchange information

BULLETIN " mergers and acquisitions Market»

Founder: CJSC " Analysis, Consulting and Marketing»

Release frequency — once a month

Editorial office address: 3 Gubkin str., Moscow, 119333

The Bulletin is registered with the state press Committee of the Russian Federation. Certificate of registration of mass media: number 017000 of" 30 "December 1997 (other mass media-text created using a computer) number 015570 of" 27 " December 1996 (in printed form)

20,900 руб.

Bulletin: M&A market
Release number: 293-294
Date of issue: July-August, 2022
Number of transactions described: 77
Analyzed period: July-August 2022
Number of pages: 108
File type: PDF
language Russian